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Information Notice 06/18/24 (Tue, 18 Jun 2024)
FINRA is advising member firms that the Options Clearing Corporation has issued the June 2024 Options Disclosure Document (ODD). The ODD contains general disclosures on the characteristics and risks of trading standardized options. The June 2024 ODD contains new language to update (i) the list of options markets to include MEMX, LLC and (ii) settlement information to reflect T+1 settlement.
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Election Notice - 06/14/2024 (Fri, 14 Jun 2024)
Summary The annual meeting of FINRA firms will take place on or about September 11, 2024, to elect one Large Firm Governor, one Mid-Size Firm Governor and one Small Firm Governor to the FINRA Board of Governors (FINRA Board). A formal notice of the meeting, including the precise date, time and location, will be mailed to executive representatives on or about August 12, 2024.
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Information Notice 05/01/24 (Wed, 01 May 2024)
Summary Effective May 22, 2024, the Section 31 fee rate applicable to specified securities transactions on the exchanges and in the over-the-counter markets will increase from its current rate of $8.00 per million dollars in transactions to a new rate of $27.80 per million dollars in transactions. Finance-related questions should be directed to: Amanda Rath, Manager, Finance, at (240) 386-6637 or by email. Legal and interpretive questions should be directed to:
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Special Notice – 4/19/24 (Fri, 19 Apr 2024)
Summary FINRA conducts annual elections to fill positions on the Small Firm Advisory Committee (SFAC), Regional Committees, National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) and FINRA Board of Governors (Board). This Notice provides:
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FINRA Monthly Recap

Amendments to FINRA Rule 4210: Covered Agency Transactions (Tue, 11 Jun 2024)
In late May, certain amendments to FINRA's margin rule, Rule 4210, went into effect to address a significant source of potential systemic risk and risk to FINRA member firms. The amendments introduced specific margin requirements related to covered agency transactions.  On this episode, we talk to David Aman, senior advisor, and James Barry, director of Credit Regulation, both with FINRA's Office of Financial and Operational Risk Policy, and with Michael MacPherson, a senior advisor with Member Supervision’s Risk Monitoring team, to learn more about the purpose of the rule, which firms might be impacted by the change and what those firms need to think about to ensure compliance with the amended rule.  Resources mentioned in this episode: Contact: Key Topics: Margin FAQs Regarding Covered Agency Transaction Margin under FINRA Rule 4210 Reg Notice 23-14: Amendments to Covered Agency Transaction Requirements Under FINRA Rule 4210 Find us:  XFacebookLinkedInE-mail
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FINRA’s High-Risk Representative Program: Keeping an Eye on Individuals Posing a Heightened Risk of Misconduct (Tue, 28 May 2024)
Protecting investors from harm is a top FINRA priority. And when it comes to specific individuals who may pose a risk, FINRA's High Risk Representative (HRR) Program is on the case.  On this episode, Brooks Brown, Senior Director, and Eric Hebert and John Salerno, Investigative Directors, from the HRR unit join us to explain how they identify and monitor individuals who pose an elevated risk of misconduct to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the market.  Resources mentioned in this episode: Episode 114: Bringing Cases Against Individual Brokers Episode 150: A Cybersecurity Update with FINRA’s Complex Investigations and Intelligence Team (CII) Key Topic: Protecting Investors from Misconduct Virtual Conference Panel: Supervision of High-Risk Activities Find us:  XFacebookLinkedInE-mail
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